Monday, March 1, 2010

We hope you enjoy our Literature Circle Discussions.


  1. Joe,

    job connector

    dear group,
    what wiil happen to the musher and the dogs when they get the medicen in time?

  2. joe
    job connector

    one of my connettions are when I was very sick luckly my mom and dad took me to the hospital.

  3. joselito

    hello my job is literary luminary and in page 10 paragraph 2 is imporatant to the story because towo kids got sick and people are ghoin to help. in page 14 paragraph 4 the hospital is 80 miles. page 16 paragraph 6 there is goin to be a dog sled for the kid because they don't have the medicine. one questian i have about the story is something going to happen to balto

  4. joselito

    dear joe,

    that is a very good connettion im sorry the you were sick

  5. Shane Devlin

    job discussion director

    dear group here are a few questions for you.

    How did you feel when the two dogs froze too death?

    What was goin thuorgh your mind when the dogs got burried in the snow?

    How did you feel when one of the drivers had too pull his dog thourgh the storm?

    What was going thourgh your mind when they anocced the relay?

    What things do you think are going too happen next?why?

  6. dear Jose,

    I think you are right

    from Joe

  7. joe
    i was wondering the same thing

  8. dear joe,

    what kind of sickness did you get

    shane devlin

  9. joselito
    dear joe i don't really now what will happen when they get the medicane

  10. dear joselito,

    I think that paragraph was inportant two becuse it is why thay had the relay.

  11. joselito
    dear joe i dont really now what well happen when they get the medicane good question

  12. Haley
    literary luminary

    page9 paragraph 1 i picked this because it tells what balto 12 paragraph 2 i picked this because it tells what the doctor dose. page 18 paragraph 2 i picked this because it says that the dogs are going to help the children. why don't the doctor just bring theam at least near were the medican.


    1 If you coud be Balto would you like being the lead dog & why?

    2 What was the sickness of the kids & why?

    3 Do you think you could save the kids & why?

    4 Why would you have a dog race?

    5 If you could be the mom or dad of the kids what might you feel & why?

  14. dearjoe,
    i think when they get the medicane i think it will be to late the kids will be to sick.

  15. dear marissa,
    i would like to be balto because you get to be the leader because you would get to tell the other dogs what to do.

  16. HALEY , I think it is nice too ,the dogs are going to help the chiillren


  17. AnthonyM

    I am connector my text to self is that I've once seen a dog that looks like balto.
    text to text I've once read a book about Huskeys.
    text to world I've once wached a move about dog sled racing.

    How many dogs pull the sled?

  18. breauna,
    word wizard
    1.Nome,I picked this word because it sounds cool,I found it on page7.It is city in Alaska.
    2.Miners,I picked it because it sounds cool I found it on page7. It is people that work in mime.
    3. Diphtheria,I picked it because I did not know how to say it,I found it on page7. it is a disease.
    4.Excitement,I picked it because I like how it sounds I found it on page16.It means to be overjoyed.
    5.Medicine,I picked it because it has a interesting spelling,I found it on page12.It means a liquid or a pill to mack you feel better.
    6.Dog, I pickied this word because I love this animal I found it on page2. it is a tipe of animal.

  19. breauna
    literary luminary

    1. page48 the hole page,I thought it was worth remembring because in New York they have a statue of Balto in Cantral park.
    2.page46 & 47 the hole page,I thought it was importent because Gunnar & Balto saved the day by bring the medicine.
    3. page38 the hole page, I thought it was so scarry because Gunnar could not see.


    Night p.g 40 got my eye NOT DAY TIME

    Medicine p.g 44 strong CURE FO SICKNESS


    Bravest p.g 48 cool NOT AFRAT

    Cracking p.g 35 not cool BRACKING A PART

    Famous p.g 47 awsome PEOPLE LOVE YOU


  21. AnthonyM,

    I think 7 or 8 dogs pull the sled. Also I really like your connection.


  22. Marissa,
    If I was the parents of the kids I would be scarry.


  23. Dear everyboty
    I am Discussion Director
    hwo got stuck in the snow and hwo got them out?
    How long did it tack gunner to diliver the medicine?
    What did Bolto do to save the dogs?
    Why did bolto and the crew diliver the medicine?
    How long did it take gunner to get to nome?

    From AnthonyM

  24. Dear grop Iam connector text to self my brother and I where in a canoe and the canoe had a crack in it and I could of drown like balto and the other dogs . text to text I wached a show people went ice fishing and the ice cracked and somebody almost drown . text to world I helped donate money to haiti to help the people who got hurt, sick or became homless

    from Bryson

  25. joseltio

    dear joe and shane
    i thought that was a good book don't u think

  26. my name is courtney
    i had connecter
    in connecter my question was why do they use mush instead of go

  27. dear classmats my job disussion director
    here are some of the questions i have did the man loes the med or not? Did Bolto ever stop to reast?Did they ever stop to drink or eat?


  28. joselito

    what do you think of the story people that read the book

  29. joselito

    dar courtney i don't really now why they say mush instead of go good question

  30. Joe,

    literary luminary

    page 48 paragrph 1 was when New York had a statue of Balto

  31. joselito
    dear destanni,

    there are good questions i don't really no if they had ever stop drinking and eating

  32. joselito
    dear joe, they did make a statue of balto and it looks good

  33. Dear Jose,

    I thought it was a great book

  34. shane devlin
    job character traits

    balto trait calm no connection

    little kids trait playful i liked to play

    gunnr trait proud no connection

    doctor trait suprised no connection

  35. shane devlin

    why wasn't the other musher there

  36. shane

    dear joselito

    yes i think that was a very good book

  37. shane devlin

    dear destanni

    he did not loes the meds

    and they did not stop to rest or eat

  38. Shane, Two dogs froze to death of the colodness.


  39. Dear AnthonyM,
    I like your connections that you made. I thought it was great! Keep up the good work on your connections.


  40. Dear Bolto group

    1 Bolto helped to kids that were sick and about to die.
    2 gunner offered to help the doctor and bring the medician.
    3 Bolto stays calm whyull gunner helps the pianiced dogs out of the snow.

  41. Dear Marissa,
    If I was Balto I would not like to be the lead dog because I would so scarred I would run away.


  42. Haley
    one day two kids got very sick and the parents called the doctor the doctor came and saw that the kids had diphtheria the doctor did not have the medicane.
    The hospital in anchorage alaska had the medicane but anchorage was 800 miles away the doctors in anchorage put the medicane on a trian but the train got stuck but the doctor said maybe a dog sled race if one team gets tired the other team will start tacking the medican to the kids.

  43. Haley
    on january27,1825 the race nome began the first driver took the medicane from the trian in one team two dogs froze to death gunnar and balto waited at theire stop in bluff gunnar heared dogs barking at first the team made good time but soon snow drifts bloocked the trial the dogs sank up to thier necks in the snow.

  44. Haley, The kids are to fur away.


  45. these are my 3 sentences. two kids had a sickness and the doctor did not have the medicene but in anchorage theydid then the tain was covered and burried in the snow and the train was 700 miles to nome.they are going to have a dog sled and when one team gets tiered the other team goes. the dog sled began and the first team went but the storm was blowing up so the person had to rest

  46. shane deviln

    (10-15) children in nome got very sick and the doctor had no medicenie.

    (16-20) they announced the relay and gunner heard and he knew he had the best team.

    they started the relay and as the first team was going to the next stop but a blizzard sarted then the other team got the meds but 2 dog froze too death

  47. dear classmats
    here are some of the senteces i have from reading balto the frist sentece the little kids got very sick and the train got stuck in a snow storm and the train was 700 miles from nome and balto had to go 31 miles to get the medicene.the frist team got stuck so balto had to save the day.